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Otto Bot Beginner

Otto Bot Beginner
Otto Bot Beginner

Otto is open source, Arduino compatible 3D printed bot look like humanoid.

A 3D printed open source humanoid-Otto bot, make engage learners with Embedded in fun and exciting way. Make your bot to hop, dance with moon walking step and accompanying you while walking. It perform task like to identify objects and get stop walking. You can perform your bot to perform 15+ projects similarly. Details activity guide also available to learners to explore these projects.

General Info
Possible Projects 15 to 18
What Inside box? 3D printed parts, ultrasonic sensors, servo motor, Arduino UNO, Mini USB cable, Cutter, Other Accessories
Learning Outcomes Developing STEAM skills, Mathematical thinking, Problem solving and creativity, Art and Creativity (3D), Electronics (Mechanism of Servo motor and Ultrasonic Senosr), Programming (C++ language)
Manual Available with Product
Activity Guide Available
Operational Manual Available
Academy Yes
College Yes
Individual Yes
School Yes
Specific Info
Controllers Ardunio UNO
Sensors Ultrasonic
Coding Platform C++
Connectivities USB

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