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Model: 3d Pen
Three-dimensional printing pens allow you to draw in three dimensions by heating up and emitting a plastic filament that quickly cools to form a solid, stable structure. The pen use plastic materials known as ABS filamentsWith this 3D pen learners will transform their imagination into reality by giv..
Ex Tax:₹2,350.00
Model: Advance - Robotics & Coding
Introductory kit Exposure to Arduino, circuit designing Enhance their Tinkering skillsEncourage thinking out of the box Enhances their problem solving and logical thinking skillsComprising of 44 components having all the components till this level. This kit is designed with  an  aim o..
Ex Tax:₹397,000.00
Model: Arduino Advance
Best Kit to introduce with the concepts of IoT, timer circuits , Bluetooth programming.The Advance kit for advance programming. Here students are introduced with how to design IoT projects using Node MCU. IoT being the future technology students are infused with the concepts of how to design simple ..
Ex Tax:₹6,500.00
Model: Arduino Beginner
Arduino Beginner is the best kit for exploring basic of Arduino programming. This kit also contain basic sensors like LDR, IR & PIR which enables learners to code Real Time Projects.It also enable learners to explore basic sensor programming  to make Autonomous bot, basic line follower etc...
Ex Tax:₹1,900.00
Model: Arduino Intermediate
The best kit to explain the concepts of Arduino Programming. It explore ultrasonic sensor, keypad interfacing along with motor interfacing helps to develop real time based project.This kit is the second one in the series taking the Arduino Programming to the next level. Students are introduced with ..
Ex Tax:₹3,500.00
Model: IoT Kit
Raspberry Pi MQTT Python C/C++ Arduino NodeMcu.Being one of the most futuristic and advanced skill this kit makes the student to understand how to program and design projects by exploring its programming and logical concepts...
Ex Tax:₹21,000.00
Model: AI Kit
Explore machine learning, coding Raspberry PI and many other concepts related to AI like Computer Vision, Deep learning and sensors.Artificial Intelligence , mimicing the human intelligence with the help of machine understanding is explored and understand through this kit. Students will be able to d..
Ex Tax:₹44,356.00
Model: Diamond Package
This package is made till elementary grade students. The teachers can teach variety of projects with the help of learning material while giving a hands-on to learners, is aimed at helping all teachers and educators to understand how STEAM has the potential to contribute to substantial improvements i..
Ex Tax:₹610,595.00
Model: DIY Drone
Explore the technology behind the building of Drone through Coding Platform.Kit contain frame, motors, propeller and lots other accessories required to make Drone. Kit comes with RF module to allow learners to operate Drone from distant location. Details teaching is also available to enable to devel..
Ex Tax:₹39,600.00
Model: Drone Gaming
Concept of aerodynamics,Virtual Reality,10 +experiments can be performed.This drone gives an edge over others as its provide great flying and tinkering experience. In this FPV googles provide real time view. The joystick helps in maneuvering the drone to provide a great experience for novice to lear..
Ex Tax:₹38,500.00
Model: Expert - Robotics & Coding
Enhances their problem solving and logical thinking skills. Encourage thinking out of the box. Enhance their Tinkering skills. Exposure to Raspberry Pi and  Pi based basic activities.Exposure to Arduino, circuit designing.This kit is designed in such a way that it has all the components from be..
Ex Tax:₹284,000.00
Model: Expert -AI & IoT
• 3rd Year lab kit • Exposure to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Node MCU and 3D Printer • Improves programming and coding skills • Improves creative and desigining skillsThe advance level lab takes the Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Node MCU program into a higher level. Here the ad..
Ex Tax:₹248,500.00
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