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21 Mar Otto DIY: An educational robot that moonwalks and gets angry
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With more than 25K units across the globe, Otto DIY is one of the most popular DIY robots. There are multiple actions your Otto can execute, making it quite interactive and exciting to operate. Get it..
20 Mar Learn fundamentals of electronics through Junior Electronics Bricks
admin 0 1751
A myriad of students find electronics intimidating due to numerous reasons. They have to imagine most of the things, such as flow of current, resistors, etc. Various schools introduce basic circuits t..
09 Mar Reinforce your science concepts with Work and Energy kit
admin 0 555
Teaching or learning work, energy, and related concepts could be a bit intimidating. No doubt textbooks contain invaluable information on these topics, but it can get a bit difficult to visualize them..
09 Mar Robobloq Qoopers: An educational robot with LED Matrix Display
admin 0 802
A lot of parents and young learners felt that the majority of educational robots are either too complicated or aren't friendly. Keeping this in mind, robot maker Robobloq designed a 6-in-1 Qoopers kit..
09 Mar Atal Tinkering Labs: Everything you need to know
admin 1 1687
The decision to establish Atal Tinkering Labs in Indian schools was a crucial moment for the Indian Education System. After various years of its inception, a plethora of students have now enhanced the..
09 Mar The perfect kit to learn Newton’s Law of Motion
admin 0 2034
A lot of students, and even some teachers, wonder why Newton’s laws of motion are so important. Well, you learn how different things move or remain stationary. You understand the working of cars, your..
09 Mar Add a spark to your embedded system skills with Arduino Spark Kit
admin 0 572
Those who already possess basic knowledge Arduino circuits or have gone through the beginner’s level kit can opt for Arduino Intermediate Level box, known as Spark kit. We have divided the features an..
28 Feb 5 reasons to purchase Speed & Distance kit from Our STEM Box
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With so many STEM kits out there, it can get confusing to choose the right one. A lot of them from renowned brands can be quite expensive. Well, you can check the Speed and Distance kit from Our STEM ..
28 Feb Establish a full-fledged STEM Lab in your school with STEM K-12 program?
admin 0 593
The commencement of STEM methodology was a watershed moment in the realm of education. In the present era, the educational institutions from across the globe are adopting this approach to match the la..
28 Feb Robobloq Qobo: Most Loved educational robot in India
admin 0 1069
What if we told you there's a tiny, little robot (less than 200 grams) that teaches coding and can engage your kid for hours? Yes, we are talking about Robobloq Qobo. And, it's not just another toy th..
28 Feb STEM Classroom Series to empower your teachers with STEM approach
admin 0 638
STEM Education, which started as a teaching approach, has now become a global educational movement. Various educational institutions have also tied-up with different STEM educational organizations to ..
24 Feb Types of robotic kits you should know about
admin 0 703
Which robotic kit is suitable for my kid? Perhaps this question has already crossed your mind. With thousands of products and numerous brands, the buyers of robotic kits are bound to get confused. Bef..
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