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Expert -AI & IoT (30 Students)

Expert -AI & IoT (30 Students)
Expert -AI & IoT (30 Students)
Expert -AI & IoT (30 Students)
Expert -AI & IoT (30 Students)
Expert -AI & IoT (30 Students)
Expert -AI & IoT (30 Students)
Expert -AI & IoT (30 Students)

• 3rd Year lab kit • Exposure to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Node MCU and 3D Printer • Improves programming and coding skills • Improves creative and desigining skills

The advance level lab takes the Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Node MCU program into a higher level. Here the advanced sensors are introduced. The programming and interfacing them with the Arduino is explored. Arduino Mega a new variant of Arduino board is used throughout this level. It has many functionalities that make it perfect for this level. IoT or Internet of things concept is introduced and how to develop IoT projects will be understood. IoT projects are developed with the help of Node MCU. In Raspberry pi section python language is explored in deep and some advance projects are developed in the entire series. The main aim is to make the student understand the concepts and apply them to solving some real-time problems. Using their analytical, problem-solving and logical skills students are encouraged to enhance their tinkering capabilities.

General Info
Possible Projects 72
What Inside box? Arduino mega,NodeMCU,Raspberry Pi,Raspberryy pi accessories LEDS,Resistor,ldrr,Button CapacitorChassis set,Jumper wires,Ultrasonic sensor,Relay,PIR,Keypad ,Soil Moisture,IR Array,GPS,GSM,Flex,Color Recogination
Age 13+ Years
Learning Outcomes How different sensors works, How to program them using Arduino, Arduino Mega, Raspberry Pi, IoT, Node MCU
Digital Content
PDF Available
Manual Available with Product
Activity Guide Available
Operational Manual Available
Academy Yes
College Yes
Individual Yes
School Yes
Specific Info
Controllers Arduino Mega,Rpi,NodeMcu
Coding Platform C/C++,Pyhton
Connectivities USB,Bluetooth,WiFI

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