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Metallic Humanoid

Metallic Humanoid
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Metallic Humanoid

Metallic humanoid resembles human structure and can be constructed using servo motor and accessories.

Humanoid are the robotic structure which resembles with the human body. This kit helps the student to construct a one and understand the mechanics of hand and legs movement. Servo motors are used to control the movement which can be programmed using Arduino.

General Info
Possible Projects 12
What Inside box? Metal Servo Horn, 1 x Screw and screw cap set, 17 x MG996R Servos, PS2 remote controller x 1 (w/ receiver), 24CH servo control board, Bluetooth Module (HC-05), Ultrasonic sensor (SR04), Adaptor
Age 11+ Years
Learning Outcomes Explore how to make and code humanoid structure.
Manual Available with Product
Activity Guide Available
Academy Yes
College Yes
Individual Yes
School Yes

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