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Modular Tinkering Lab

This lab is setup covering all the components such as Sensors, 3D printers, IoT, Motors, Bluetooth, GPS, Controllers and many other component to ignite student’s enthusiasm towards the next-generation technology in-context with real-world applications. In MTL, all these equipment segregated level wise/year wise [Level represent Grade 6 to Grade 12 I,e Level 1 to Level 7)/(Year represent -beginner/intermediate/advance & expert)] to facilitate the following advantages to learners
• Explore more than 350+ projects in 4 academy year
• 1 Academy have at-least 84 projects including all levels (Minimum 12 projects per level/grades)
• All content/curriculum mapped as per age appropriate concepts, learners learnt in their syllabus
• All teaching/resources will be provided for learners

Model: Advance - Robotics & Coding
Introductory kit Exposure to Arduino, circuit designing Enhance their Tinkering skillsEncourage thinking out of the box Enhances their problem solving and logical thinking skillsComprising of 44 components having all the components till this level. This kit is designed with  an  aim o..
Ex Tax:₹397,000.00
Model: Expert - Robotics & Coding
Enhances their problem solving and logical thinking skills. Encourage thinking out of the box. Enhance their Tinkering skills. Exposure to Raspberry Pi and  Pi based basic activities.Exposure to Arduino, circuit designing.This kit is designed in such a way that it has all the components from be..
Ex Tax:₹284,000.00
Model: Expert -AI & IoT
• 3rd Year lab kit • Exposure to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Node MCU and 3D Printer • Improves programming and coding skills • Improves creative and desigining skillsThe advance level lab takes the Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Node MCU program into a higher level. Here the ad..
Ex Tax:₹248,500.00
Model: Professional AI & IoT
• 4th Year lab kit. • Exposure to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Node MCU. • Improves programming and coding skills. • Improves creative and designing skills, AI, ML.Expert level or the final one in the MTL lab series ensures the students to be able to develop real-world appli..
Ex Tax:₹553,000.00
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