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OurSTEM Boxes with its large number of educational kits provides hand-on learning solution for all age groups of learners, individuals, professionals & innovators. These boxes provides a platform, where learners Build, Create and Explore large numbers of STEM based kits on upcoming technologies

Having right STEM based resources/kits available in the classroom plays an important role in providing high-quality STEM experiences to learners.  Thus, in this category, you can find best available STEM lab’s based kits for Learners, Educator & Schools at one stop.

This kits enables students to build real life based models & understand their core science and mathematics concepts. Learners also develop their 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity by engaging in exploration and learning how things work.

Under this category, learners can explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math based lab’s kits, which geared towards learning categorized in different sub-categories. Here, one can find different lab based kits options available for all age group of learners to transform their theoretical based classroom learning into experiential learning.

Model: Advance - Robotics & Coding
Introductory kit Exposure to Arduino, circuit designing Enhance their Tinkering skillsEncourage thinking out of the box Enhances their problem solving and logical thinking skillsComprising of 44 components having all the components till this level. This kit is designed with  an  aim o..
Ex Tax:₹397,000.00
Model: Diamond Package
This package is made till elementary grade students. The teachers can teach variety of projects with the help of learning material while giving a hands-on to learners, is aimed at helping all teachers and educators to understand how STEAM has the potential to contribute to substantial improvements i..
Ex Tax:₹610,595.00
Model: Expert - Robotics & Coding
Enhances their problem solving and logical thinking skills. Encourage thinking out of the box. Enhance their Tinkering skills. Exposure to Raspberry Pi and  Pi based basic activities.Exposure to Arduino, circuit designing.This kit is designed in such a way that it has all the components from be..
Ex Tax:₹284,000.00
Model: Expert -AI & IoT
• 3rd Year lab kit • Exposure to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Node MCU and 3D Printer • Improves programming and coding skills • Improves creative and desigining skillsThe advance level lab takes the Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Node MCU program into a higher level. Here the ad..
Ex Tax:₹248,500.00
Model: Gold Package
This package is made for primary children and help teachers to enhance their cognitive skills. The package comes with a wholesome theme based curriculum and caters advanced activities for children till age group 7 years. Guided activities on the methodology of 4C principle steers how to plan differe..
Ex Tax:₹287,425.00
Model: Miniature Lab with Robotics
Ex Tax:₹497,534.00
Model: Miniature STEM Lab
A Mini STEM lab integrated with standard STEM Resources designed for 3rd to 8th grades students to promote Innovations and Creativity. These customized STEM lab especially designed with all the resources required to nurture kids from IIIrd to VIIIth Grade students. Lab also equipped with 3D Printers..
Ex Tax:₹497,534.00
Model: Professional AI & IoT
• 4th Year lab kit. • Exposure to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Node MCU. • Improves programming and coding skills. • Improves creative and designing skills, AI, ML.Expert level or the final one in the MTL lab series ensures the students to be able to develop real-world appli..
Ex Tax:₹553,000.00
Model: Silver Package
This package allows children to nurture 21st  century skills, with the aim to provide teachers a holistic development in the classroom that focuses on stream learning and early coding. The package comes with an activity booklet and other variety of learning material to create an interactive cla..
Ex Tax:₹154,155.00
Model: STEM Classroom
The goal of introducing  STEM classroom (Grade 3 to 8)  is to inspire teachers/educators to explore new teaching pedagogy around STEM Discipline. It empower educators to encourage students  to relate their core academic concepts through  hands-on learning pedagogy. Our STEM Class..
Ex Tax:₹36,643.64
Model: STEM K-12 lab
A fully-integrated STEM lab where everything from the technology to curriculum and assessment works together to support hands-on learning.A fully-integrated learning environment for learners where they explore lots of STEM resources to perform hands-on learning around S.T.E.M disciplines. Lab provid..
Ex Tax:₹1,509,069.00
Model: STEM Tinkering Lab
Setup 3D lab with Affordable range of 3D printers & other required Resources  Provide Integrated curriculum/books  Impart Teacher Training on hardware & software  3D Guide Books with Templates are available for early learnersOur Program consist of a blend of next-gen technolog..
Ex Tax:₹296,436.00
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