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Subscription DIY Boxes

Subscription Based Kits

OurSTEM Boxes with its large number of educational kits provides hand-on learning solution for all age groups of learners, individuals, professionals & innovators. These boxes provides a platform, where learners Build, Create and Explore large numbers of STEM based kits on upcoming technologies.

Here learners/individual can subscribe kits on monthly basis. On subscription, learners get first month kit with more number of parts than others, however, it enables learners to do hands-on with more numbers of experiments each time even after subscribing less number of parts (month wise). This subscription module based kits provide cost economy platform to learners for exploring all types of STEM related experiments.

Each kits comes with Instructional Manual detailing step-by-step instructions and explanations of how projects works. Learners may subscribes from the age group of 7 and can explore kits up-to college level (up to age group of 20).

The main objective of launching these Subscription module based kits is to ensure the progressive learning among learners. These platform enables learners to explore various STEM based activities integrated with technology on different coding platform (right from the Scratch to Hardcore Programming Language to AI level) as well.