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Math and Science kit

Science kit

Model: Force
Force kit contain STEM based activities on different concepts of force & contain various mechanical construction based models, which provide hands-on learning platform to the students. This help learners to relate their academic concepts with real world application.In this kit, learners wi..
Ex Tax:₹4,200.00
Model: Motion
kits contain lots of plastic equipment, battery and motor to build lots of models and explore the concepts of Movements.  Motion kits comes easy to build part and explore core science & maths  concepts that hands-on learning. Guide manual are also available to relate and perform variou..
Ex Tax:₹1,160.00
Model: Newton's law of motion
This kit enables the learners to build different models and explore how Inertia works through hands-on platform.Through this kit, learners will make models like Catapult, Pendulum, Hand-cart and many others. These models help them to understand core scientific principle behind its working mec..
Ex Tax:₹4,785.00
Model: Speed & Distance
These kits are designed for younger kids & enables learners to explore different models such as PushCar, Speedometer, etc. & explore  science & math concepts behind them. Detailed instruction guide is also available with the kit for encouraging the learners.• Kits are designed..
Ex Tax:₹4,200.00
Model: Work and Energy
This specialized kit include extensive range of models that cover the concept of energy & work done. The students can enjoy these activities and practically experience  every aspect of the  models given. Students can create and design their own models, which resemble with real world ap..
Ex Tax:₹5,510.00
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