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Aero-modeling has gained popularity with the gradual emergence of RC Aircrafts and Quad-copters. Thus, with the aim to provide best practice where students explore the technology behind the making of aircraft's along with hands-on exposure in designing and coding flying models, we offer you Aero-modeling kits with Powered Gliders, Bi-planes, Balsa-wood Aircrafts,  Drone etc

These kits provide best activity and learning spaces for youngsters & ensure that the learners must;
•  Explore aerodynamics concepts which makes an object fly
•  Develop STEAM skills through Builds, Design and Code model
•  Emphasize Innovation, Collaboration and Teamwork
•  Knowing aerodynamics forces with Balsa Gliders
•  Exploring powered Bi-planes/Gliders
•  Drone programming to code real time project
•  Ensure Field Flying
•  Demonstrations Guide are also available

Model: DIY Drone
Explore the technology behind the building of Drone through Coding Platform.Kit contain frame, motors, propeller and lots other accessories required to make Drone. Kit comes with RF module to allow learners to operate Drone from distant location. Details teaching is also available to enable to devel..
Ex Tax:₹39,600.00
Model: Drone Gaming
Concept of aerodynamics,Virtual Reality,10 +experiments can be performed.This drone gives an edge over others as its provide great flying and tinkering experience. In this FPV googles provide real time view. The joystick helps in maneuvering the drone to provide a great experience for novice to lear..
Ex Tax:₹38,500.00
Model: PLUTO 1.2
Build, Code and Fly your drone with our kit. This kit comes with detail operational manual and teacher guide to enable learners to code real time projects on drone through scratch coding. Initially learners explore basics of aerodynamics, its force & axis. Then, explore what are sensors which ar..
Ex Tax:₹10,500.00
Model: Pluto
Ex Tax:₹20,450.00
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