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Specialized Kits

Specialized Kits

OurSTEM Boxes with its large number of educational kits provides hand-on learning solution for all age groups of learners, individuals, professionals & innovators. These boxes provides a platform, where learners Build, Create and Explore large numbers of STEM based kits on upcoming technologies
In this category, learners can explore more than 1000+ kits  under various themes such Science & Math kit, Robotic, Coding bots, Mechanical Design kit, Automobiles, Rapid prototyping, Electronics etc.

We focus on making education fun and accessible for children, learners, innovators, parents or professionals by designing various innovative kits with complete teaching/learning aids. Thus, our specialized kit comes with Teaching Guide/Instruction Manuals for providing self-learning platform for individuals. Hence, we empower kids to discover science, technology, engineering and math on their own by exploring various experiments in different sub-categories/themes.

Here, one can find educational kits for all age group of learners from nursery to college level. Professional kits are also available for developing entrepreneur skills among learners with complete supporting teaching/learning aid.

Model: 3d Pen
Three-dimensional printing pens allow you to draw in three dimensions by heating up and emitting a plastic filament that quickly cools to form a solid, stable structure. The pen use plastic materials known as ABS filamentsWith this 3D pen learners will transform their imagination into reality by giv..
Ex Tax:₹2,350.00
Model: Arduino Advance
Best Kit to introduce with the concepts of IoT, timer circuits , Bluetooth programming.The Advance kit for advance programming. Here students are introduced with how to design IoT projects using Node MCU. IoT being the future technology students are infused with the concepts of how to design simple ..
Ex Tax:₹6,500.00
Model: Arduino Beginner
Arduino Beginner is the best kit for exploring basic of Arduino programming. This kit also contain basic sensors like LDR, IR & PIR which enables learners to code Real Time Projects.It also enable learners to explore basic sensor programming  to make Autonomous bot, basic line follower etc...
Ex Tax:₹1,900.00
Model: Arduino Intermediate
The best kit to explain the concepts of Arduino Programming. It explore ultrasonic sensor, keypad interfacing along with motor interfacing helps to develop real time based project.This kit is the second one in the series taking the Arduino Programming to the next level. Students are introduced with ..
Ex Tax:₹3,500.00
Model: IoT Kit
Raspberry Pi MQTT Python C/C++ Arduino NodeMcu.Being one of the most futuristic and advanced skill this kit makes the student to understand how to program and design projects by exploring its programming and logical concepts...
Ex Tax:₹21,000.00
Model: AI Kit
Explore machine learning, coding Raspberry PI and many other concepts related to AI like Computer Vision, Deep learning and sensors.Artificial Intelligence , mimicing the human intelligence with the help of machine understanding is explored and understand through this kit. Students will be able to d..
Ex Tax:₹44,356.00
Model: DIY Drone
Explore the technology behind the building of Drone through Coding Platform.Kit contain frame, motors, propeller and lots other accessories required to make Drone. Kit comes with RF module to allow learners to operate Drone from distant location. Details teaching is also available to enable to devel..
Ex Tax:₹39,600.00
Model: Drone Gaming
Concept of aerodynamics,Virtual Reality,10 +experiments can be performed.This drone gives an edge over others as its provide great flying and tinkering experience. In this FPV googles provide real time view. The joystick helps in maneuvering the drone to provide a great experience for novice to lear..
Ex Tax:₹38,500.00
Model: Force
Force kit contain STEM based activities on different concepts of force & contain various mechanical construction based models, which provide hands-on learning platform to the students. This help learners to relate their academic concepts with real world application.In this kit, learners wi..
Ex Tax:₹4,200.00
Model: I-FUN-BOT
•    Easy to assemble.•    Lot of modules are there in kit. •    C-programming, Mblock programming.•    Robotic arm is there in which makes this kit unique.It is a type of mobile robot in which different modules and sensors are given. Diffe..
Ex Tax:₹23,925.00
Model: Junior Electronic Bricks
Through Junior Electronic Kit learners can explore their basic electronic and electrical concepts in a fun learning way. This will also help learners to reinforce their electronics concepts that they learn in their academics. Children learn what a circuit is, it's Motor Mechanism, Magnetism et..
Ex Tax:₹5,800.00
Metallic Humanoid
New -20 %
Model: Humanoid
Metallic humanoid resembles human structure and can be constructed using servo motor and accessories.Humanoid are the robotic structure which resembles with the human body. This kit helps the student to construct a one and understand the mechanics of hand and legs movement. Servo motors are used to ..
₹25,940.80 ₹32,426.00
Ex Tax:₹25,940.80
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