Almost every individual is aware of the fact that the teacher plays a crucial in the overall development of the child. This is the reason a credible institution hires only those educators who have an impressive educational background and decent experience. The development of teacher is necessary even after completion of their degree course. STEM teaching approach is one of the aspects that help in upgrading the teaching style. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t many training programs that focus on this aspect. Few schools conduct in-house teacher training programs, but the number is still very low. While conducting workshops, the focus is usually on communication skills or handling the class more efficiently. 

Very few programs focus on the technical development of teachers, which involves the use of technology to make the sessions more interactive and intriguing. The use of technology is limited to some online resources, mobile applications, or powerpoint presentations through smart classroom equipment. This definitely enhances the level of learning and student participation but up to a certain level. 

Our STEM Box has attempted to change this paradigm. The STEM Classroom series boosts the proficiency of teachers at several levels. 

The boxes in this series focus on skill-based learning rather than simply concept-based learning. The teachers can create and showcase models to explain a concept to the class. Even the students can try their hands on these working models during the sessions. This ensures that the concepts get ingrained in the mind of the student forever. 

Another advantage is that the schools without equipment or infrastructure to develop labs can utilize these boxes. The prices are extremely reasonable, almost negligible when compared to the cost of setting up a technology lab. 

To help the teachers to get the most out of these boxes, we have offered lesson plans. Apart from the methods to utilize these boxes more efficiently, these lesson plans will also help the teachers in managing their sessions. 

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