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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a series of educational boxes that aims to enhance the learning experience of students in schools and colleges through STEM-learning approach.

Our STEM Boxes are designed by keeping in mind already existing curriculum of schools and engineering colleges. Various categories of these Our STEM Box offer gradual learning experience, which means the students can purchase upgrades to already existing boxes after they have performed all the possible experiments.

Our STEM Boxes are designed and sold by Robotech Pvt Ltd, a renowned educational technology firm from India. With decades of combined experience in STEM Education, the company has ventured into technology labs, curriculum, online learning platform, ICT products, and curriculum.

The relevant age group varies by the box you have ordered. Various boxes are universal in nature. This means anyone who wants to learn about a particular topic practically can order them.

For students, we have designed a series of boxes by the name of Specialized Boxes. The students can learn about rapid prototyping, robotics, artificial intelligence, coding, and internet of things, to name a few.

For teachers, we have designed a series of boxes by the name of STEM Classroom. The focus is on enhancing the STEM teaching skills efficiently.