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About Us

Mission: To reform the learning and teaching approach by making STEM resources easily accessible.

Vision:  A society where every student and teacher is capable enough to change the lives of others and themselves by utilizing the potential of STEM.  

Our STEM Box was launched by Robotech Pvt Ltd to add a new dimension to its STEM Learning Initiatives. Through its STEM and Tinkering boxes, the team strives to enhance the tech and 21-st century skills of both students and teachers. The focus is always on making the learners independent when it comes to learning and practicing STEM concepts. This is made possible with consent-focused STEM Boxes with reusable parts.

How did it start?

Robotech Pvt Ltd was already offering STEM Education through its academies and labs in different schools of India.
Even though the students learned a lot in those sessions, there weren’t able to practice on the kits while at the home.
The already available kits were either too costly or weren’t organized to match the learning goals. The technocrats and content creators at Robotech noticed these voids. This is how Our STEM Boxes was conceptualized.

The challenges we are trying to solve  

Apart from giving the learners a chance to work on STEM kits at the comfort of their home, we make sure they stay updated with their existing curriculum. Each STEM Kit comes with a booklet that let the students explore STEM concepts using multiple activities.

The reusable parts of the specialized kits are made using superior-quality materials. These parts are compatible with the components of other boxes we are offering. This ensures the educational products don’t start to look obsolete after some time.

While creating and assembling these boxes, we have attempted to cover a vast range of topics and themes ranging from rapid prototyping and robotics to simple machines.

To help the students find the ideal kit, we have segregated them according to grades and concepts.

Preparing teachers for advanced teaching methods

Through this initiative, we also aim to prepare the teachers across India for modern approaches of teaching. Soon, lecturing about a particular topic will become an obsolete form of teaching. The educators will be required to learn the utilization of available resources to make the teaching session more interactive. The use of educational kits for this purpose is also becoming mainstream. Keeping this in mind, we have prepared STEM Classroom boxes. These boxes empower the teachers by making them proficient in:

•    Delivering hands-on learning to students
•    Turning traditional classrooms into dynamic learning hub
•    Staying updated about latest edtech developments