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Miniature STEM Lab

Miniature STEM Lab
Miniature STEM Lab

A Mini STEM lab integrated with standard STEM Resources designed for 3rd to 8th grades students to promote Innovations and Creativity.

These customized STEM lab especially designed with all the resources required to nurture kids from IIIrd to VIIIth Grade students. Lab also equipped with 3D Printers and Open Robotics resources which enables learners to hands-on with Real Time Projects.

General Info
Possible Projects Minimum 24 activities grade wise
What Inside box? 3D Printer and its Accessories, Arduino Kits, Basic Robotic and Coding kits with Activity Guide
Age 8 to 13 Years
Learning Outcomes Provide integrated STEM resources with Tech Focus Curriculum , Learners designed projects with Controllers & 3d Printers, Enhance design thinking skills with mechanical kits
Digital Content
Videos Available
Manual Available with Product
Activity Guide Available
Academy Yes
College No
School Yes

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