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Beginner l -AI Kit

Beginner l -AI Kit
Beginner l -AI Kit

Explore machine learning, coding Raspberry PI and many other concepts related to AI like Computer Vision, Deep learning and sensors.

Artificial Intelligence , mimicing the human intelligence with the help of machine understanding is explored and understand through this kit. Students will be able to design real time projects through this kit.

General Info
Possible Projects 10+ Years
What Inside box? Rpi,Arduino,Pi camera,Speaker,Chassis set,sensors & actuators
Age 11+ Years
Learning Outcomes Image processing,Machine Learning,Python, Sensors interfacings
Digital Content
PDF Available
Manual Available with Product
Activity Guide Available
Academy Yes
College Yes
School Yes
Specific Info
Controllers Raspberry pi,Arduino
Sensors Sound Sensor,MQ series,Temp,Camera etc
Coding Platform C/C++
Connectivities USB,WIFI

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