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Arduino Intermediate

Arduino Intermediate
Arduino Intermediate

The best kit to explain the concepts of Arduino Programming. It explore ultrasonic sensor, keypad interfacing along with motor interfacing helps to develop real time based project.

This kit is the second one in the series taking the Arduino Programming to the next level. Students are introduced with the concepts of circuit designing, sensor interfacing, logic gates etc. The kits ensure student understands the application and concept of each component used in the kit.

General Info
Possible Projects 12
What Inside box? Ultrasonic Sensor, LCD, Voltage Regualtor, Keypad, Stepper Motor
Age 13+ Years
Learning Outcomes Arduino Programming, Ultrasonic Sensor Programming, Voltage Regulator, Input/output device interfacing, Motor Interfacing
Academy Yes
College Yes
Individual Yes
School Yes
Specific Info
Controllers Ardunio UNO
Coding Platform C++
Connectivities USB

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