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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a new technology as per say but it has started showing its presence in every sphere of our life. With human’s intelligence, human is exploring different ways to understand and develop a web of artificial intelligence.   
Thus, anyone who wants to master this futuristic course and be industry ready gets various Artificial Intelligence Kits.
Key Features:

•    Be industry ready or empower your entrepreneurial skills
•    Enhances problem-Solving & Cognitive Skills.
•    Industry related projects
•    Solving Real AI related problems through programming with python
•    Experimental Learning model with stimulation.

Model: IoT Kit
Raspberry Pi MQTT Python C/C++ Arduino NodeMcu.Being one of the most futuristic and advanced skill this kit makes the student to understand how to program and design projects by exploring its programming and logical concepts...
Ex Tax:₹21,000.00
Model: AI Kit
Explore machine learning, coding Raspberry PI and many other concepts related to AI like Computer Vision, Deep learning and sensors.Artificial Intelligence , mimicing the human intelligence with the help of machine understanding is explored and understand through this kit. Students will be able to d..
Ex Tax:₹44,356.00
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