A myriad of students find electronics intimidating due to numerous reasons. They have to imagine most of the things, such as flow of current, resistors, etc. Various schools introduce basic circuits to help the students learn better. But, circuits rarely excite the students. More often than not, the teachers, in spite of immense knowledge, lack the skills to help the students understand a concept thoroughly. Keeping all these challenges in mind, Our STEM Box offers Junior Electronics Bricks, a perfect kit to enter the realm of electronics.

So, what makes it so special? Let’s understand in detail.

Colourful electronics parts

Designing circuits gets both interesting and easier with colorful parts of this kit. The students easily identify the parts of the circuit based on their colour. Now, they don’t have to work on those boring and confusing electrical circuits that are usually used in schools. The projects look so cool that they can even upload them on YouTube or other social media portals to showcase their work.

Covers essential topics

It comes with all essential parts to teach fundamentals of electronics. Learn or teach series & parallel circuits, open & closed circuits, and working of motor. They don’t just read these concepts but actually watch them in action. Switching to complex electronics projects related to Arduino or other microcontrollers looks easier acquiring tech skills through this kit.

A comprehensive manual

The kit comes with a comprehensive manual having 12+ activities with step-by-step instructions in a pictorial form. There are also various challenges in which questions are asked on different variations of circuits covered in the kits.

Soldering isn’t required

The parts that come with the kit can be attached directly to the board or could be connected to other parts without any hassle of soldering.

Teaches to work in teams

Various projects might require the kids to work in teams. This is a great way to instill collaborative skills among them. That’s not the only skill enhanced through this kit. The students become problem solvers, logical thinkers, and more creative after using it frequently.

We have already received a plethora of rave reviews for this kit. If you are interested to order it, click this link: https://www.ourstembox.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=661&search=electronics&description=true. Call us if you have any confusion related to this kit: 9643327486.