A lot of students, and even some teachers, wonder why Newton’s laws of motion are so important. Well, you learn how different things move or remain stationary. You understand the working of cars, your own body, and even flow of water. Numerous complex concepts of Physics have their basis in these laws of motion.

A few years ago, there weren’t many resources to teach these concepts practically. There were plenty of online videos, but even they weren’t sufficient to help the student understand the topic experientially. Keeping these challenges in mind, Our STEM Box has introduced Newton’s Laws of Motion kit.

In the subsequent sections, we have discussed what makes it so unique.

Construct nine unique models

By constructing different models, the students grasp different concepts better. The parts in the kit let them construct basic inclined plane, catapult with rubber, pendulum, handcart, and different variants of four-wheeled cars.

Superior quality parts

Each part that comes with the kit is durable and long-lasting. The plastic parts are completely safe for kids. You will find 24 tooth gears, 16M studded beams, bush gray, 5M axle, 3M axle, and tubes.

Boost collaborative skills

Ask a group of students to construct a particular model. To encourage teamwork, you can divide the students into two or more teams. Each one should be asked to build a unique model. If you are having a single kit, you can do so one-by-one by noting down the time taken by each team.

Comes with an activity manual

The kit comes with an activity manual having 7 unique activities with pictorial representation of all the steps. This ensures even the kids can construct the models on their own, though the kit is suitable for learners above 12 years of age. There is also an activity at the end of every experiment that tests the knowledge of the student related to the specific concepts covered.

It’s reasonable

You need to pay only Rs. 2640 for Newton’s Law of Motion kit with manual. The best part is that you can construct plenty of other models, too, using your imagination.

No need to wait till college to understand these concepts thoroughly. Master the motion and other related concepts thoroughly and understand their applications.

To order this Newton’s Law of Motion kit, visit this link: https://www.ourstembox.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=109_125_224&product_id=408.